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Black And White Eternity Rose Belle | Roses That Last A Year

Our striking Zebra roses create that stunning yet unique effect in any room in your home. Coupled with our handmade diamanté's resin bases, they look amazing for up to 12 months with no maintenance required. Perfect for those special occasions like Birthday gifts or Mother's Day presents.

The resin bases are created by the amazingly talented Zeba Art UK, each base is handmade and unique in design, so no 2 bases look identical.

Infinity roses are the World's Finest longest-lasting roses. They are real Ecuadorian roses that have been preserved to last several months and even up to a year without water! ​Infinity roses are a perfect option for long-lasting, beautiful natural displays. Each rose head undergoes a special and intricate process to preserve the quality and integrity of the petals which are then dyed with rich and outstanding colours.

For all our customers that have helped support us over the years, all of us here at Anno Rosa would like to say a big thank you! A business is only as good as its customers and you guys are amazing!


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