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Champagne Home Decor Ideas | Anno Rosa

Our Champagne infinity roses are the perfect home decor piece in your home. They are bound to be the statement piece in your home. The roses last for up to 12 months with no maintenance required and are displayed in a stylish mirrored cube. These cubes are on trend at the moment and they hold 4 of our luxury infinity roses. The roses are real roses that have been through a delicate preserving process in order for them to last for up to 12 months. This way, you can have real flowers in your home for a year without the cost of replacing them every week! The roses are available in a range of colours including this classy Champagne coloured rose. Head to our shop section to browse the full range of colours we offer. Place your orders today with the code ANNO10 at the checkout and save money on your orders and get FREE UK delivery.

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