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Interiors like these have been growing in popularity as of late and we'd be lying if we said we didn't love them. These, grey, crushed velvet interiors are the perfect example of when our preserved, year long roses would be the perfect decor.

With this colour theme, you could incorporate our white, grey, black, zebra, ivory or metallic silver rose heads into your home. Our infinity roses can be bought as either a pack of 6 loose rose heads, in a glass jar which holds a single rose or a clean, classy, sophisticated mirrored cube. We have mirrored cubes which hold 4 forever roses or a bigger cube which holds 9 rose heads.

These year long roses last for over a year and require no maintenance as this is all done during the intricate process of preserving the rose. They are not just home decor, they are an investment!

This photo is from instagram which we were tagged into by Natalie at @our_montreux_home.

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