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Pink Pink Pink | Anno Rosa

Who doesn't love pink? We certainly do! And pink undertones in the home looks fabulous. We have a range of pink colours that you can use as home decor. The one that can be seen below is the Pink preserved rose heads, however, we also have Vintage Pink and Fuchsia Pink.

These year long, preserved roses are the ultimate home decor piece. They are a true statement piece in the home and they are not just a home decor piece, they are a true investment. These infinity roses last for over a year and cut out the fuss of having to purchase fresh roses each week.

These forever roses require no maintenance to keep looking fresh all year through as the intricate preserving process means that they remain great all year through.

Shop NOW with the code XMAS2018 and get 10% off your Christmas orders and gift our year long infinity roses to someone special this Christmas.


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