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Deep Purple Home Decor | Anno Rosa

Our Purple preserved rose heads last for over a year and require no maintenance at all to keep them looking their best.

These purple rose heads really set the ambiance of a room and look amazing either as a single rose or in our mirrored cube. The cubes are mirrored and just need to be wiped down with a microfibre cloth from time to time; however the roses themselves don't need any fuss at all.

These look great in any room, from a bedroom to a living area, even to a bathroom. They are classy and stylish and a major statement piece in your home.

We also offer glass jars which hold a single forever rose. These can be bought as one individual rose,however, the effect of three or four lined up looks amazing. The glass jars are most popular among hotel designers and interior designers however look lush in a home setting.

Our preserved, year long rose heads also make great gifts. Whether these be bought for a birthday gift, Christmas present or even a Valentines day gift for a loved one. When you order your forever rose, there is the option to add a personal message which we can include in your order.

These year long roses are also available in other colours but we are loving this colour! They are a great gift idea, home decor idea, hotel design ideas and salon and boutique decor ideas.


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