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Our Peach rose petals are 100% biodegradable. The rose petals have been dyed beforehand to capture the stunning white tone and then preserved to maintain their natural shape. These petals are larger than our normal rose petals, which makes for much better table decor/aisle decoration.


We recommend to use these biodegradable petals to scatter down aisles and walkways or decorate venues and tables at events, parties and weddings. For throwing confetti, we suggest viewing our smaller petals page.


Petal mixes start from as small as 1/2 litre and we also offer discount for bulk purchasing, therefore the more litres you purchase, the cheaper the litre becomes.

Peach Real Preserved Rose Petals


Because this is a natural product, each petal will come in different shapes and sizes. 


Confetti Calculator:

1/2 litre contains 5 small handfuls/cones.

1 litre contains 9-10 small handfuls/cones.

10 litres contain 90-100 small handfuls/cones.

Please Note: These are rough estimates as handful sizes vary.




How long will my petals last?

We recommend sending all our natural, dye free, biodegradable rose petals 6 weeks before your wedding. We offer a pre order service where you can purchase now and receive your petals around 6 weeks before the big day. Just give us an email to let us know you would like to use our pre order service. 


How many people should I cater confetti for?

Not all of your guests will throw confetti, so we advise to cater confetti for around 50% of your day guests. For example, if you have 100 day guests, aim to supply confetti for 50 of the guests and therefore 5 litres will give you 50 small handfuls. 


I am using these petals to decorate my venue, how many litres do I need? If you are using the petals for table decoration, 1 litre will provide a light scattering over 2-3 tables.


I am wanting to make a rose petal aisle, how many litres do I need?

If you are using the petals to scatter down walkways and aisles, 1 litre will cover around 2 meters of one side of the aisle. So to cover both sides of the aisle, you will need 2 litres to cover 2 meters. 

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